Coco Peat Australia

- Technical Specs

- Usages

- 650gm Blocks

- 5kg Blocks

Pricing - 5Kg coco peat blocks - Low EC
1 to 100 Blocks - $10.50 each block
100 to 200 Blocks - $10.00 per block
200 and above - $9.50 per block
Incl GST. Pick up from Sydney warehouse
If freight needed, additional charges applicable.
Email for ordering.
Coco Peat Blocks

Our suppliers are from India where a full-fledged production facility situated in the heart of the long and flourishing coconut belt in the Indian subcontinent. Our strategic location enables it to avail the wealth of resource in the form of superior coconut husk, which forms part of our raw material.

We are capable of handling enough quantity of coco peat in different forms of packing, 5 Kg block, 650 gm Briquette, Simple Planting Bags and Coco peat Grow bag. A complete online system ensures consistency, quality, prompt delivery and reliability of performance.